Parents-children classes: for 4 & 5 years old children. Development of motor skills, sense of physical balance, space/time responsiveness, and mindfulness of young children in a safe and loving environment in the company of parents. Parents participate actively.

Children classes: for 6 to 12 years old children. Development of focus, muscular tone, coordination, memory and mindfulness in a safe, non-competitive environment.

Teens/Adults classes: for 12 to 15 years old youth. Youth are supported by caring adults in their physical and mental development. The presence of reliable adults – including their parents – reassures them and nurtures their desire to grow. Adults classes: for everyone, from 15 to 95 years old. To ensure one’s own physical and psychological health, to take a break between family, professional, academic, career and other responsibilities, and to share the enjoyment of training with others, in a fun and friendly environment.

Workshops: for all levels or certain grades, as the case may be. To deepen and link practices, understand underlying principles of applications, analyse katas in connection with other practices, and fine-tune techniques.


  • Karate (Butaïjutsu)
  • Aïkido (self defense for children and youth)
  • Kobudo : nunchakus, bôs (long sticks), jôs (short sticks), saïs
  • Kendo (black belt grades)
Autodéfense Isa Gerie Kote Gaïchi Kumite